Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fruit explosion

Hello fellow readers. My apologies for my absence. I have actually entered the work force and have been crazy busy...whoo! But don't worry, I have been making an ass of myself in the kitchen all the while. Take this one for example.

Because I work such long hours with little time for eating smoothies are a great way to get in all my nutrients. Chewing is overrated anyway ;) Well, the other day I was in a mad rush to make it to work on time. And if you know me at all I was trying to do 5 things at once, including making a mixed berry smoothie. I'm throwing in the protein, the frozen berries, some ground flaxseed. I like to add a lot of ice so that it's super thick, but of course this involves a quite rigourous mixing on the part of my blender. I usually have the blender working so hard its smoking by the end of it. You laugh, but I'm serious. So anyways, the ice seemed to be stuck in the blender so I stick a spoon in it to mix it up. Well, of course my dog Roxy jumped up to grab my chicken off the counter at the exact same moment and diverted my attention. Well, not only did the spoon fall into the blender, my smoothie shot up like a volcano and splattered all over my ceiling. But the spoon was still stuck causing the blender to teeter back and forth on the base. Just as I dove in to turn off the blender it shot off the base, splattered all over the wall, my face, and my clothes.

I looked up and burst out laughing. It looked like a blueberry pie factory exploded in my kitchen. So with smoothie dripping down my face I reached for the mop and got to work on the wall. It's a week later and I still have smoothie stuck on the ceiling. I think I'm just gonna go with a granola bar tomorrow ;)

Sarah xoxo


  1. Someone gave me a tip for cleaning ceilings. Fill a spray bottle with bleach and water. You can use it to spray the stained area. Just be carefule not to wet it too much. Check out Google for the particulars!

    By the way, a couple of years ago I exploded a pepsi in my kitchen. Took forever to clean up and I think I'm still finding sticky spots!

  2. LOL Sarah I Luv You, Your Great!!