Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yes, the microwave oven CAN entirely light on fire

Okay readers, this story is to good to keep from you. Although it did not happen to me I was witness to this hilarious kitchen disasster. My client is also learning to cook, and I promised I would come over and give her some pointers on healthy eating (yeah, the poor girl is taking cooking tips from me...oy). Caroline absolutely loves her microwave and I have been trying to teach her how to use the stove microwaves destroy food nutrients.

She goes, "no no, look what it can do", and attempts proving to me how fabulous her microwave is by stuffing everything but the kitchen sink in it. Well, I guess she bought the Cosco brand because after a number of uses the ENTIRE MICROWAVE lights on fire. NOT just the inside, THE WHOLE THING!! I'm freakin out, trying to find water, a towel, something. Well, don't you know Caroline picks the damn thing up (which is ON FIRE might I add) runs to the back door and hoofs it into the snow. I don't think my eyes could have bugged further out of my head. I was speechless.

Can you imagine if you were Caroline's neighbour, just minding your own business in your back yard, when a wailing banchee throws a flaming microwave out the back door. It's a surprise I didn't die of a heart attack when I saw it. I think I laughed for like 20 minutes afterwards. And the funniest thing was her nonchallantness. It was like it happened every day.

When she walked back into the kitchen she said, "okay then, what's next". I didn't even have an answer, so I reached for the cutting board and said "smokin hot chicken chili".


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