Monday, January 11, 2010

$1000 kitchen apron

Hurrah, the elastic bands held the turkey together but did NOT melt. I feel as though I should call that "Slap It" veggie guy and tell him about my new invention.

Today was a one of the many in the ongoing battle. When you are recovering from anorexia your body decides to put body fat on in places that are the most inconvenient. Kind of a form of revenge I suppose. I realize I am still small but the nice little pockey of flesh around my belly is a new experience. Many days I hate it and curse my mirror (and my pants) but other days it feels quite jolly. Like today, when I ran down the stairs and felt the little jiggle around my mid-section. Almost like a little companion. Weird, I know, but weird is all I've got.

Lastest challenge: Going through my wardrobe and throwing out whatever doesn't fit...which is pretty much everything. I stand in morning as I look at the thousands of dollars worth of clothing in front of me. Ugh, this sucks. I grab my plastic bag and away I went. Finally I came to the black thousand dollar Tristan & America skirt suit. It still makes me drool a little to look at it. In a last ditch effort I put in on...wishing and hoping that maybe, just maybe it will fit. But after two minutes of grunting, tugging, and finally, swearing I give up.

I could feel the tears welling up inside of me. God, this still hurts to much. No, I was NOT going to give away the suit, I had a better idea. Kind of a 'screw you' to anorexia. So I ran downstairs, grabbed the kitchen scissors & my Canadian Tire sewing machine, and cut the skirt into a well deserved apron.

So, if you come for dinner you can see my thousand dollar apron and eat turkey that has been basted in elastic bands. Tomorrow, meatballs or meatloaf??


  1. Hi Sarah, I just came over from the Renegade Health blog after reading your post there. I had an ED for 13years and have been recovering for 4 so can relate a bit especially with learning to cook.
    Anyhow I saw the piccie of you at the bottom of this page: OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!You are really beautiful:-)
    Very brave to keep a blog but yes humour is the way forward,hehehe.
    Good luck!! Maria xxx(renegade health show fanatic)

  2. Excellent culture jam of an expensive suit, Sarah.

    You're awesome.

  3. please post a pic of your apron. that is soooo perfect.