Monday, January 25, 2010

Really, you like it?!

So yesterday I made a fabulous Beef & Sweet Potato stir-fry. I fried up the beef, cooked the potatoes & green beans and threw it all together. It was the easiest recipe I've ever made, almost too easy. I took a big bite. Crap! Had I missed the section on taste? I was serving this beef to other people in minutes and it didn't taste like anything! I'm rummaging through my fridge trying to think of something that would make it taste better. Soy sauce? Nope. Cinnamon? Nope. I literally added 5more ingredients to the stir-fry. It was starting to look more like stir-fry sludge than stew. At one point I actually thought that balsamic vinegar would balance out the newly acquired didn't :(

My guests were eagerly awaiting my new meal...oy. So, I plated up the food. To my amazement my guests actually liked it. Although one guy said the beef tasted like shoe leather. I have two comments for that, no, make it three. A) WHAT! I thought the beef was the saving grace of the whole meal. B) Who says things like that and C) I don't care what you think!!

It's funny. My attitude towards his comment is kind of like how I feel about my new body. Do I like it...not really. Is it healthy...yes. But I spent 9 years caring so much about what other people think of my that I put my self at risk. Now it's my turn. If you don't like my round butt, rosy cheeks, and cellulite (bleh)...I don't care. I like me and that's what counts.


Amazingly it tasted better


  1. Sarah, I'm loving this blog! I'm so so happy for you. :)

    Sarah P. from Birthright

  2. I made Stir-Fry... the other day and it looked more like Stir-Mush too. It was all going good until we added the Rice noodles. Nobody mentioned that you were supposed to add them gradualy or just put them on the plate speratly.

    So after these clear noodles sucked up all the sauce and became a large lumpy substance. I tryed serving it one piece of chicken and vegetable at a time out of the pan.

    I feel your pain.